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Here's a brief description of the RFP:

In Accordance with Welfare and Institutions (W&I) Code Section 4685.8(g), North Los Angeles County Regional Center (“NLACRC”), has received funds from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to support the implementation of the Self-Determination Program (SDP).

W&I Code section 4685.8(g) specifies these funds shall be used to maximize the ability of SDP participants to direct their own lives. DDS, in consultation with stakeholders, identified priority areas for the funding including:

• Recruitment and training of independent facilitators;
• Joint training for participants, families, regional centers, Local Volunteer Advisory Committee (LVAC) members and others;
• Support or coaching in making the transition to SDP;
• Assistance with spending plan development;
• Orientation support which could include costs for speakers/presenters, and development of modification of materials; and
• Collaborative groups/workshops to foster ongoing, shared learning and problem-solving opportunities.

The Self-Determination Program provides participants with the opportunity to develop and implement person-centered plans based on an individualized budget that the participants controls, within program guidelines. After June 2021, the program will be available to all eligible consumers. NLACRC and the LVAC have prioritized the need for coaching and individualized supports for transitioning in to SDP and is seeking proposals from interested parties to carry out this program.

The purpose of group instruction or 1:1 coaching is to provide additional support to navigate the SDP process and help move the transition forward. The support should be tailored to the individual needs of the participant, the support could be in the following areas: helping participants decide which financial management service model is the best fit for their individual needs, assisting with the recruitment/hiring employees, establishing backup staffing plans, development of spending plan, locating person-center planning resources, and other SDP activities.

The prospective applicant must demonstrate a strong understanding of the Self-Determination Program. The prospective applicant must be able to work collaboratively with others in a multi-agency, interdisciplinary configuration (e.g. individuals served, families, regional center, LVAC) for the successful support of the individual.

Supporting people with developmental disabilities in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys since 1974.

Applicant must demonstrate the following:
 Understanding of SDP and the steps needed to transition into the program.
 Understanding of person-center thinking.
 Inclusive of Person Centered Planning (PCP) and Independent Facilitator (IF) training.
 Experience with providing direct services/supports to persons with developmental disabilities or special needs.
 Demonstrated training or skills for the proposed project.
 A history of positive working relationships with the community and applicable government agencies. If applicant is a current vendor, applicant must be in good standing with the regional center.
 Experience in project development, including the ability to complete projects, meet project timelines and manage a project of this size and scope.
 Bilingual

The deadline for submission of proposals is Sunday, January 31 at 5pm PST.

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