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New Statutory Requirements for Abuse Reporting
Effective January 1, 2013, the State Legislature amended the statute, adding "serious bodily injury," to the definition section of the Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (W&I 15600 et seq) and, requiring Long Term Care providers to initially report suspected or alleged incidents of physical abuse, resulting in serious bodily injury, to law enforcement (See Welfare and Institution Code section 15610.67). Providers are also required to submit a written report of the incident to the local ombudsman, the corresponding licensing agency, and the local law enforcement agency within two hours of the mandated reporter observing, obtaining knowledge of, or suspecting the physical abuse. Please read the "Letter to Service Providers - May 21, 2013 to learn more.

>> Letter to Service Providers - May 21, 2013

>> Mandated Reporter Chart

>> Elder Abuse & Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act [15600-15675] 


Title 17 Regulations
There are specific Title 17 regulations that you as a service provider should be familiar with – here are the links to those regulations.

Service provider accountability 
(Title 17, Section 50601-50612) 

General vendor requirements 
(Title 17, Section 54326)

Special Incident Reporting (SIR) 
(Title 17, Section 54327)  (Title 17, Section 54327.1)  (Title 17, Section 54327.2)

Residential Services and Quality Assurance 
(Title 17, Section 56001)


Title 22 Regulations
Title 22 has regulations for the licensing of Community Care Facilities (CCFs)
Online California code of regulations - Title 22

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