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The "optional" publications are for those who would like to develop increased knowledge or learn more about a specific topic.

*Please note that the information in these publications is subject to change and NLACRC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of the publications and resources on this page.

Enough is Enough! Anti-Bullying Strategies for Students with Developmental Disabilities, Their Families and Their Schools
Learn about the different types of bullying, signs of bullying, anti-bullying laws, strategies for students with disabilities to deal with bullying, and more in this publication by Area Board 10.
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Learning Opportunities Directory
Listing of occupational centers, community colleges, and universities in the NLACRC catchment area with information about disability programs specific to each of the schools and centers. 
>> view the directory (English)

How to Manage Your Money
Learn about the basics of how to manage your money. 
>> view the brochure (English)

A Nice Place to Live
Learn about what to look for when choosing a nice place to live. 
>> view the brochure (English)  

Transition Web Site Resources
Web sites that may be helpful in the transition from high school to adulthood. 
>> view the document (English)

Autism Web Site Resources
A list of web sites that may be useful to individuals who would like to learn more about autism. 
>> view the document (English)

Consumer & Family Services & Supports: Resources for Consumers and Families
Learn more about the types of resources and supports available to consumers and families. 
>> view the brochure (English)          >> view the brochure (Spanish)

Family Support Services: Supporting Consumers and Families
>> view the brochure (English) >> view the brochure (Spanish)

Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (Derechos de Personas Incapacitadas) 
>> view the handout (English & Spanish)

Thinking Ahead: My Way, My Choice, My Life at the End (Mis Planes a Mi Manera, Mis Decisiones, El Final de Mi Vida) 
>> view the booklet (English) 

>> view the brochure (Spanish)

Natural Supports . . . They're All Around You (Los Apoyos Naturales - están a nuestro alrededor) 
>> view the booklet (English) 

>> view the brochure (Spanish)

From Process to Action: Making Person-Centered Planning Work (Del Proceso a la Acción: Cómo lograr que la planificación centrada en la persona dé resultado) 
>> view the booklet (English) 

>> view the booklet (Spanish)

Boardsmanship: Inclusive and Accessible Membership, Decision Making & Success 
>> view the brochure (English)

Feeling Safe, Being Safe: My Personal Safety in an Emergency 
>> view the brochure (English)

Being Healthy My Way - Guide to Healthy Living (Estar Saludable - A Miaodo Sentirese Bien La Alimentación El Ejercicio Cereal OJ Guía Para Una Vida Saludable) 
>> view the brochure (English)

Making My Own Choices 
>> view the brochure (English)

Leadership Through Personal Change - Think, Plan, Do 
>> view the brochure (English)

Home Safety Emergency Plan (Only available by mail. Send a request to siwahashi@nlacrc.org)

The Legislative Process: A Citizen's Guide to Participation 
>> view the brochure (English)

The Budget Process: A Citizen's Guide to Participation 
>> view the brochure (English)

Autism Parent Handbook: Answers to Common Questions (Autismo Manual Para Padres: Respuestas a algunas preguntas comunes) 
>> view the handbook (English) 

>> view the handbook (Spanish)

IEP Strategy - Understanding the Process So You Can Get What You Need 
>> view the IEP Strategy Guide (English)

What are my Medi-Cal Choices? - A guidebook for seniors and people with disabilities who have Medi-Cal (Cuáles son mis opciones de Medi-Cal? Este libro es para las personas con discapacidades y para las personas de la tercera edad que tienen Medi-Cal) 
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